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The important breakthrough in the last decenia in Exploration and Production has been in the seismic . Especially the introduction of the three dimensional seismic method in the mid seventies has inpacted the subsurface insight in E&Pdramaticly.

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Inteligent/smart oil fields require an inteligent operator interface.A combination of a smart CAD model of the production facilities were condition of e.g. flow parameters are diplayed in real time takes operatorship to the next level.

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Think Twice B.V. founder Albert van der Kallen retired from Shell International in 1999 as Vice President Technology of Exploration and Production. Previous senior positions included Director Exploration Research and Chief Geophysicist of Shell International. TT (Think Twice) have since build up strong project related contacts with European Space Industry, Key Technical Industries in the Netherlands, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Italy.

The founder Albert van der Kallen has a personal track record of initiating and realising breakthroughs during his career in the energy industry. Industry breakthroughs are revolutionary and have changed substantialy the way the industry works and created enormous benefits to shareholders and world community (view article).

TT is convinced new breakthroughs are forthcoming .TT has already a handful of successes in convincing clients of the great breakthrough potential of some identified projects.

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