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The important breakthrough in the last decenia in Exploration and Production has been in the seismic . Especially the introduction of the three dimensional seismic method in the mid seventies has inpacted the subsurface insight in E&Pdramaticly.

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Inteligent/smart oil fields require an inteligent operator interface.A combination of a smart CAD model of the production facilities were condition of e.g. flow parameters are diplayed in real time takes operatorship to the next level.

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Think Twice B.V., a Dutch Technology Transfer Company, was formed in 1998 and is based on over 30 years of technical, operational and managerial experience in Exploration and Production in the Oil and Gas Industry.
With the increasing competitiveness in the EP industry and the need to find new ways to grow the business, revolutionary breakthrough technology is more important than ever.

The specific aim of Think Twice (TT) is to facilitate Technology Transfer by early identification of innovative technology products becoming available in the marketplace with high earning potential. These products or processes originate often from outside the established energy industry or from energy industries with low exposure in the west such as Russian and Chinese technologies. Subsequently TT pursues aggressively acceptance and support of such technologies by Western oil and gas industry stakeholders.

Such products may originate from Academia, Start-ups and Technical Institutes or from application in unrelated industries such as Space or Defence. Such players lack the insight TT can offer as they typically do not have the oil industry exposure, the network and the wide experience.

TT can offer a virtual company specialised in:

  • Early identification of product potential
  • Access to experts
  • Access to Technical Management of Oil Companies
  • Growing network of technical experts and entrepreneurs

TT has been successful in identifying novel methods ranging from surface related structural and hydrocarbon detection techniques, devices for production stimulation and monitoring, to cleaning production water and oil sands. Successful introduction and acceptance to invest into their feasibility for oil industry application has been achieved through our efforts.

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