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The important breakthrough in the last decenia in Exploration and Production has been in the seismic . Especially the introduction of the three dimensional seismic method in the mid seventies has inpacted the subsurface insight in E&Pdramaticly.

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Inteligent/smart oil fields require an inteligent operator interface.A combination of a smart CAD model of the production facilities were condition of e.g. flow parameters are diplayed in real time takes operatorship to the next level.

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A memoir article describing the leading role of the authors and many subsequent Shell geophysicist in the 3D method has been published recently.

"35th Anniversary of the first land 3D survey by NAM and SHELL"

by Albert van der Kallen and Jacques Pion

Leading Edge, august 2010

The migration of the dipping layers required 3 D data collection and focussing approaches .The spatial differences of the objective were dramatic compared with the 2 D methods in use at the time.

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Technologies from the computer game industry can be transferred to the oil field operations to make a natural bond between the three dimensional computer facilities models and the production data in real time. This allows interactive interaction with the model and links with existing production data bases. Target control , outlying performances, maintenance procedures can all be made a lot more tranparent to the operator than the more common parameter listings. Building and updating ''as is '' 3 D passive models through 2 D photographs is a present technology the differentiation is in making the model active! Think Twice is collaborating with a player with years of experience in applying the interactive modeling to an industry unrelated to the oil industry. A commitment to come forward with production monitoring solutions has been made
New innovative methods in Electric-magnetic, Hydrocarbon detection techniques were identified.
Russian scientists revealed again some intriguing insights to Think Twice.There are still areas were the western world is lacking experience and insights.

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