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The important breakthrough in the last decenia in Exploration and Production has been in the seismic . Especially the introduction of the three dimensional seismic method in the mid seventies has inpacted the subsurface insight in E&Pdramaticly.

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Inteligent/smart oil fields require an inteligent operator interface.A combination of a smart CAD model of the production facilities were condition of e.g. flow parameters are diplayed in real time takes operatorship to the next level.

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We are confident that we have identified some exciting breakthrough technologies that have the potential of changing the way we work. Our network is getting firmer and focussed on winning teams that have a solution to offer. The solutions are often spread through different organisations pursuing related solutions but missing the overview how pieces may fit together.

Convincing the established workgroups to test unconventinal solutions is still a tedious process but rewarding if champions arise.


The Think Twice website has been updated.

Now Think Twice potential clients can get the most recent and up to date information about TT projects and activities. Apart from the current project list, the website presents information about TT, the list of the recent news as well as the contact information.

Furthermore, a feedback form is available: the visitor's comments are posted directly to the website maintainer's e-mail. Thus sending the feedback from the website audience has become a quick and easy process.

And of course we appreciate your opinions, so Think Twice is open for any comments and suggestions. Please use our feedback form to communicate with us, otherwise you might try the options listed on the contact page. Technical questions should be addressed to our webmaster's e-mail: “webmaster at think-twice. nl”.

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