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The Downhole Vibrator is a new development build for the specific application to enhance production of partly or "fully" depleted fields.

The tool has been tested in Russia to enhance production in water saturated fields. In the west this kind of technique is under development in the USA. The Russian version is thought to be more powerful and seem to have specific techniques implemented originating from unpublished developments.

If this or an adopted version will add production towards declining fields the upside could be Substantial.

A closer look into the results is warranted and a better understanding of mechanisme at work through shared research is recommended.

The major problem is to monitor the increase in production (below 10%) which requires a wealth of measuring points according to the reservoir engineers

These projects are under development or beeing field tested by a client.


The following mechanisme are thought to occur all changing the phase permeability under stationary conditions :

(a) Plugging( paraffin, aspaltines mud ) removal around borehole probably by heating

(b) Diffusion of induced pressure front causing intergranular movements and differential movement of oil and water flow and possibly creating a new oil water mix emulsion with more favourable flow characteristics

(c) moving oil droplets by pressure pulse and possible some gas release (gas is adsorbed at surface of pore walls and oil droplets reducing friction and increasing pore space

(d) Due to non elastic characteristics of the medium elastic waves produce harmonics also with wavelenghts around droplet seizes starting to move the oil droplets

(e)Due to the non lineairity of the medium selective frequencies vibrations may produce resonance frequencies of the reservoir layer allowing propagation along large distances and with a modulation of (d) effecting the fluids

Possibilities of down hole vibrator as a seismic source to enable better reservoir imaging are evident.

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