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The important breakthrough in the last decenia in Exploration and Production has been in the seismic . Especially the introduction of the three dimensional seismic method in the mid seventies has inpacted the subsurface insight in E&Pdramaticly.

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Inteligent/smart oil fields require an inteligent operator interface.A combination of a smart CAD model of the production facilities were condition of e.g. flow parameters are diplayed in real time takes operatorship to the next level.

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Here is the list of our current projects:

  • Considering the subsurface not only as an acoustic medium but also as a electrolyte system. This can be studied separately as well as in combination as conversion as well as dependence of both systems occur. Exiting possibilities to detect hyrocarbons have been identified.
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  • Passive 3D Seismic Imaging using seismic earthquake activity as a source. This tomographic method provides striking three dimensional images in complex geological areas were 2 dimensional seismic data is notoriously poor and 3 dimensional seismic cost are prohibitive.
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  • Identification of fractured subsurface areas or monitoring real time water/oil front movements by detecting extremely weak seismic diffraction type energy employing an innovative passive or active seismic side scan sonar technique
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  • A new Hydrocarbon detection method using seismic earthquake activity and a spectral analysis technology. It has Exploration as well as Production fluid monitoring potential.
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  • Well based Acoustic/Electric Production Stimulation tool to increase production levels of mature fields
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  • Continous machine monitoring employing surface sensors to the outside of the machine Attached to the wellhead piezo sensors without mechanical parts and a very wide frequency spectrum response (0.1 Hz to 150 kHz) connected to a data analysis system.
  • Outscoring present accelerometers on sensitivity ,frequency range and sturdiness.
    Accelerometers need to be brought close to the sound source often inside complex machines.
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  • New processes for cleaning oil sands inclusive of TAR sands using ultra sonics is proposed
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