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The objective of the product is to enable the tranfer from planned machine maintenance to preventive maintenace.Moreover more clients are demanding almost 100% uptime which requires continuous ''health'' measurements

The presented acoustic fingerprinting technology has been developed for the continuous monitoring of machine operations. Early recognition of first-stage wear is achieved through identification of significant changes in higher frequency spectrum of running engines , which are indicative of changes in the mechanical condition of engines. In order to optimise preventive maintenance continuous monitoring with very sensitive acoustic piezo sensors is performed in order to avoid the development of more serious damages in engines leading to process interruptions.


The piezo sensor technology stems from aviation and space labs. The sensor is sensitive enough to be attached to the ouside of machines to enable diagnoses of changes in engine behaviour, indicating minor wear on, for example, bearings and impellers, well ahead of serious failures occurring.The used foil sensor has contrary to the more common applied accelerometers no seismic mass ,a higher frequency response and does not need to be attached close to the actual bearings

To raise an alarm a deviation of the frequency spectrum from the regulary recorded reference spectrum must exceed a certain % and persist for a certain amount of time.

The sensors can be connected to a multiple channel box (max 16).The connection can be achieved throug wire or a fiber optics. If larger distances are involved to e.g. an control room telemetric system can be used

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The sensor is placed at the outside surface of the machine, and through FFT technique the normal, steady state and trouble-free frequency characteristics from 1Hz up to 150 kHz (depending on the type of sensor) are compared with the actual recorded ones. This will take a maximum of 1 second.

Complex machines may require more sensors The sensor has no movable parts, and the pre-amplifier electronics are encapsulated in a closed unit measuring only 90*17*1mm)

A multiple channel analysis box performing the actual FTT analysis is part of the system.

A USB connection is available for PC
The maximum cable lenghts is 80 meters but if required fiber optical wire solutions are available with ''unlimited'' length

In addition to machine monitoring it is suggested that the method has strong potential for well integrity and fluid condition monitoring through pipe by attaching sensors to the wellhead or pipeline network, and it may also provide the missing building brick to present mutiphase monitoring systems.

This would alliviate the problem of retrofitting sensor technology witin or along casing of existing production wells (80% of world base)!

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